History and Founders

The Keyaniyans are a family of merchants originating from the Persian part of Azerbaijan. In the beginning of the last century the family lived in Ashgabat, a city east of the Caspian Sea located on the Silk Road in Turkmenistan, north of Iran. At that time Ashgabat was a regionally significant trade center where various peoples and cultures met. In those days Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union.
Hassan and Reza Keyaniyan | 1921
Hussein and Reza Keyaniyan | 1921
In 1918 the brothers Reza and Hassan Keyaniyan had to leave Ashgabat with their families due to political changes in the former Soviet Union, which deprived merchants of the basis of their livelihood. Mr. Reza Keyaniyan went to Tabriz, the capital of the region of Azerbaijan, located in northwestern Persia. Mr. Hassan Keyaniyan came to Hamburg.
In 1931 the brothers founded, together with Mr. Taghi Tabarrok, the Keyaniyan Company, which had branches in Hamburg, Tabriz and Teheran. The business purpose was to import and export German and Iranian products. The Iranian products were predominantly dried fruits and nut kernels as well as hand-woven oriental carpets.
Taghi Tabarrok and Reza Keyaniyan | 1932
Schopenstehl 1-3
The Hamburg branch was located at Schopenstehl 1 - 3. Due to the turmoil of the Second World War the family returned to Iran. After the war the family continued its trading activities in Paris from 1945 until 1949 because the four Allied powers prevented free trade activities in Germany. Following the monetary reform and the formation of the FRG, Hassan and Hussein Keyaniyan, son of Reza Keyaniyan, returned to Hamburg in 1949. Reza Keyaniyan remained in Tabriz.
In 1958 Hussein Keyaniyan founded his own company. The business began to increasingly concentrate on importing dried fruits and nut kernels for the German market. His son Behnam Keyaniyan has been managing the company since 1985. Today the Keyaniyan Company purchases its products for the European market from sources across the globe.
Hussein and Behnam Keyaniyan
50th anniversary of our company.
In 2008 our company celebrated its 50th anniversary.
Since 01.09.2013 we are once again operating under the historical name of Keyaniyan Company GmbH.
Our company is certified according International Featured Standard, IFS Broker at higher level since September 2014.